Are you for real?

**(Mom, this may be one post you want to skip…)

Okay, so when you last left us, we were like two giddy teenagers kissing in the bleachers while the night’s sky lit up behind us ~ 

The fireworks came to an end (the show, that is) & back to reality we strolled. As the crowd of thousands exited we decided to skip the herd & lay on a grassy knoll & look at the stars, holding hands we shared more stories…(ok and maybe a few more kisses)

Back at my place, the fireworks continued. I will say it had been a while since the chemistry had been this good, I was very excited to know it still existed 😉
(One begins to question its existence after a couple of years of lackluster dates, & trust me, I’m so thankful to be proven wrong)

Now, I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but the 1st night I spend in a new place, I have trouble sleeping. I know, now you’re asking “but aren’t you at you’re place?” 
This is true & he is like me ~ can’t sleep in new environments… 
& I can’t sleep for many reasons (adrenaline still pumping, overactive mind analyzing the evening, wondering if I should have held out longer, what if I snore? what if I fall asleep & when I wake he’s gone? I need to wash my make-up off, but wait am I ready to go bare-faced in front of him? mind on overdrive!)

Finally he whispers, “are you awake?” Huh, maybe I was playing asleep pretty good…he says “don’t hate me, but I think I should go, neither of us are sleeping. I promise I’ll be back in the morning” (now mind you, its 3am!)
“Uh, sure, I  guess” (It makes sense, but the whole time I’m feeling my worst fears confirmed).
He lets himself out.

I fall sound asleep. (funny how that works)

I awake to the bling of a text – “knock knock”
(HE CAME BACK!!!) (I had my doubts, pessimist girl reared her ugly head there for a sec)
Its 8am & he’s outside my door with coffee & pastries.

We crawl back in & have breakfast in bed =)

In all my years of dating, that was BY FAR, one of the COOLEST moves EVER!!
We both got sleep (why did it matter where) & had the energy to really enjoy each other the next day

Cheers ~

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