Love blossoms

A Summer surprise

Guess who surprised me with these beautiful flowers as I opened the door? 😉

Ladies, what are your thoughts on receiving flowers?

I used to be a subscriber of flowers falling in the “trying too hard” category…but maaaaaybe that was because of the giver?

I’ve NEVER appreciated flowers on a first date, definitely too much! 
Are you making a move? Trying to win some points? OR are you really just being kind & generous & I’m too skeptical? 
Unless you really know the gal, 1st date flowers are a NO in my book!

Of course, the hopeless romantic in me, swoons & says awwww when I see it in the movies, so how come in real life I question the motive?

I’ve gotten in to the habit over these past few years of buying flowers for my home each week, to add a lil color & make me smile as I enter a room. 
I started doing it to show myself that I can treat “me” well & that I didn’t HAVE to wait around for a man to send me some (which ironically I’d have been suspicious of…listen I know, I make no sense).

I’m glad I did learn how to listen to my lil joys & give in to them, but I will say, receiving flowers from a guy you’re totally crushing on ~ no better feeling in the world!

Surrendering to my silliness & off to go smell my pretty flowers

Cheers ~

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