To kiss or not to kiss…

Kisses, especially first kisses, OR even better first kisses with someone you’re really attracted to can be one of those moments in life that take your breathe away & leave you wanting to remember it forever.

I came across a great post today on the blog “A Cup Of Jo” – 10 guys confessing what it is like to kiss a crush for the 1st time –

Such build up, so many scenarios running thru one’s mind, the how to – slow & easy, quick & light, wet & slippery? when is the best moment? how’s my breathe? will she kiss me back? what if I’ve mis-read all the signals?

And, us ladies sit there with a whole bunch of angst going thru our heads too – is he ever going to kiss me? does he like me? he really didn’t laugh at my joke, guess I missed my window there, how’s my breathe? maybe I’ve mis-read his signals & he wants to just be friends? tongue, no tongue? is that lady-like? aaaahhhhh

Thank god we eventually get out of our heads & just act on instinct!

 So I found out on our 3rd date, the 4th of July,  that he had planned out a magical first kiss moment for that evening – oh, wait, uh what? Didn’t we have our 1st kiss last night???

True, very true ~ we had! (thanks for keeping up!)
He had seen the perfect moment & seized it up on the beautiful rooftop the evening before, a moment I found to be unbelievably romantic & breathtaking, but come to find out it was not supposed to have happened that way ~ boy had I fallen, hook, line & sinker 😉

My darling date had felt the chemistry building between us & thought what better way than to kiss her for the 1st time just as fireworks went off around us. His plan was to hold out the night before, continue to woo me with his wit & charm (which was working), and then Monday evening as the sparklers twirled around us, he’d lean in & kiss me……..I’m so glad he didn’t!

I mean, it would have been one of those wonderful, “straight out of the movies” moments, which don’t get me wrong, I’d have totally eaten that up, but I love that our 1st kiss was spontaneous, in our own private world, creating our own fireworks.

Now we could just curl up in each other’s arms, sneaking kisses throughout the fireworks display, not worrying about the should I?/will he?… 


**the bottom 3 pics are from our evening @ the Rose Bowl in Pasadena (unfortunately these pics don’t do the display justice, but I was a lil busy kissing my man)

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