365 days…xo

**Ok, a lil music to view by 🙂
I will never tire of this classic song & its exactly as I feel

A year ago today I was going about my single life as usual, the only slight difference in the pattern was that I had a date that evening at 6p(?) to grab a drink with a new guy I had been emailing for a couple of weeks.
I was excited to meet him, but cautiously so…
I mean, the likelihood of “sparks” was something I was starting to assume was urban legend.
And 6pm??? Best reason I could come up with for that meet-up time was that we could each salvage our evening, if it was a bust after one cocktail (I’ll admit I was kinda in a glass half-empty dating mode)

But I was working on that…the hopeless romantic in me still always wins!!

And I WAS excited, something about him intrigued me. 
I laughed out loud when I read his emails!
With a fresh manicure (blowing my still wet nails), I raced to the bar.
Giddiness in the air
Butterflies in my stomach…
I spotted him right away as he headed to the bar
unfortunately, he witnessed some of my crazy driving skills in reverse as I tried to find parking (damn my red hair for giving me away!)

 The beauty of the 6p date is you have the whooooole place to yourself, so we tried out several seating situations 😉

SIX HOURS later we strolled out of the bar not wanting the night to end, but knowing work would come too early… 

Oh those moments as everything about the other is new…awwwww

This man is something special – that much I knew right away!!

 And guess what??? Sparks really do exist!!!

You don’t know how excited I was to have confirmation of this, as it’d been quite a while since my heart skipped a beat for a guy 😉

It didn’t take long to know there’d be fireworks!!

Date #3 – 4th of July!!!

Ok, ok I won’t bore you with the play by play of every day…but I’m gonna celebrate this past year of laughter, love & smiles 

❤ ❤ ❤

 Summer fun with music, art, & my babe…

And then there was the SUPER FUN DISNEYLAND DATE DAY!!!
(I do owe a full entry on the day, cuz my babe has it down to a wonderful science of pure fun!)

**SURPRISE** date night – an Aimee Mann concert – whaaaat??!!!

Our 1st lil get-away to Las Vegas at the beginning of the year…
What is it about water dancing to Sinatra???
Everything seems magical in his arms
(schmoopy overload!!! I know it, I love it!!!)

Day-trippin to Santa Barbara over Memorial Day, my darlin woke up with a lil adventure streak that day & we had a wonderful time exploring.
I love learning new things about my man 😉

Babe, I just want to raise a glass & thank you for an amazing year I could never have foreseen!! You have taught me how to love, how to grow, to share my thoughts, & my needs without fear.

I’m sorry I’m not in town to cheers you in person & celebrate, so I dedicate this blog to you & a wonderful 365!!!

My handsome man, thank you for who you are!! For all the thoughtful things you do, you bring a smile to my face each day!! I appreciate your warmth, your kindness, your quick wit & humor, your ability to challenge my thoughts (you’re so smart!)…oh my gosh I could go on & on butI’ll save that for in person!!! 
I love you!!

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