Shaking things up a bit…

Okay, so admittedly I’m kinda new to this stage of the game. I’ve never really maintained a relationship this long, at least with someone who is in town…I will say its much easier to go this distance when you only see one another every coupla months or so…

We were still having a great time don’t get me wrong, but I did begin to worry about too many things ~ what if we fall into a rut of doing the same thing over & over? what if he starts to find me boring? am I boring? oh god, I’ve got to shake things up…

You’re gonna laugh at me, but I’ve had a glass of wine, so I’m going to share anyways πŸ™‚
Being on the outside looking in, I’ve always pictured having a boyfriend as kind of like having a playmate, someone to try new things with, hitting that cute new cafe that opened in the neighborhood for brunch, seeing a concert in the park, strolling an artwalk, wine tasting, etc.

And then there’s the reality, life can get busy. Two separate lives can get very hectic & finding time to stroll hand in hand & wine tasting in the country can easily turn into cozy nights on the couch with a glass of wine – an equally fun alternative, just not always &/or instead of.

I am the silly girl who when shopping pictures the outfit I’m trying on as various “date” clothes ~ this is my casual Carlie, my “stylish with a flair, how could you not want me” look, my Sunday farmer’s market look, my demure lady moment looks, my carefree easy looks *…for years I have had a closet full of date-worthy looks dying to go out & here I am on the couch…what?

*all this further proving why I’ve chosen my career path, I live to dress for life’s moments ~ I mean, c’mon you know when you come across an old sweater in the closet, or a piece of jewelry that was a gift, & it takes you back to the memories of when you wore it ~ you can’t deny clothes play a part πŸ˜‰

We were still in that sappy happy phase, I mean I couldn’t help but not smile from the minute he showed up at my door til we kissed goodnight, but our schedules had gotten the best of us & you could usually find us sharing our day’s events over a glass of wine & some kisses at one or the other’s respective couches.

I was itching to be out, sharing the world together. A lil antsy to be in the space I had envied for years, I wanted to do things, see things, share adventures.

I think he may have started to sense this…

I was teased with some texts about Saturday evening, maybe trying something new?…picking me up at 5:15p – Β yes, I know it’s early πŸ˜‰ Β 
& to dress snazzy ~ omigosh, do you know how crazy my mind went with outfits dancing thru my head? ~ fancy snazzy? funky snazzy? classy snazzy?help!
It was my closet’s time to shine & it froze!

Clues for the evening:
* an old favorite
* a new discovery
* & a certain je ne sais quoi

I was stumped, & happily so

Saturday is here, 5:15 arrives & so does he…
Allllmoooost ready, gotta keep ’em waiting for a sec, right? πŸ˜‰

First surprise ~ a fabulous light-up fancy sparkly ring, who says my baby doesn’t spoil me
Super fab statement ring from that afternoon’s Bar mitzvah πŸ˜‰
Β First stop of the evening ~ Susan Feniger’s restaurant “Street”

He didn’t even know how much I adored her on Top Chef Masters, great call babe!
Β Her international street faire foods were de-licious!!!

The Sazerac – mighty tasty on one’s lips after
they’ve sipped it

Okay, so that stop was “a new discovery”, what lied ahead next ~ “a certain je ne sais quoi” ~

A screening of Truffaut’s 1960’s black & white French film, “The Soft Skin”
Oh la la monsieur, oui oui
Tres sexy

Our third stop of the evening switched from “an old favorite” to another “new discovery” (for me)
The original plan included going back to our rooftop rendevous bar, but being a Saturday night & all the ambiance just would not have been the same, so he treated me to the weird & wonderful world of Bazaar, an eyeful experience bar at the SLS hotel in Beverly Hills

& creations

Thank you my darling for a wonderful evening!!