38 it is!!

Just slightly over a week into my 38th year & I’m loving it!! 
I do think I have a thing for even numbers, they just seem, well…even.
I always seem to have exceptional years on the even #’s & this year is already proving me right!!
Its funny when you think of a number as a kid, then you reach it & life is quite different than imagined…better!

I know, I’ve been lax on keeping up with my posts & I apologize, but so much goodness has been keeping me busy, that I’ll just have to fill you in as we go 😉

I’m sure you’ve gathered from where I left off last that things have been going quite well with my honey 😉 I owe you some back stories from getting off the plane to now & they’re goooood, trust me, but we’ll stroll back there soon enough.
I’m just so darn giddy with the present that that’s the story I’m telling today 🙂

I used to be the obnoxious girl counting down to her birthday & letting EVERYONE know its coming, but now into the 30’s I’ve started taking a more low-key approach to it, sometimes a big night out, other times a quite dinner with friends, even just cake at work has sufficed…

But this year was gonna be different! 
(This is also my 1st birthday ever to celebrate with a man!)

It started with an email on Friday giving me clues to the bday adventure that lied ahead on Saturday.
He gave me clues as to how to dress ~ my baby knows my priorities!
The 1st half of the day was to be casual, comfortable, like we’re going on a hike.
The 2nd half was L.A. night out fabulous! Saying he’d be in a suit (hello handsome!), have fun with it!
No problem with the evening attire, but got stuck between workout gear & casual cute for the day, …of course I opted for cute (which probably was not my best choice)

I was to be at his place at 10a for a full day of fun!

Saturday arrived & it was frickin gorgeous!! Unlike many a snowy birthday I had in Colorado growing up!
We packed up & hit the road…clueless, I kept tracking our coordinates, trying to make guesses in my head, we headed towards the coast ~ were we heading up north, wine-tasting perhaps? A day cruise?
He was tight-lipped!!

We exited in Santa Monica & parked near the promenade.
What are we doing??? I was so confused! Movies? Lunch? But wait he said to eat before coming…um, the roller coaster & rides on the pier?
As we trekked towards the pier, I saw the tents, I knew it! We were going to the Cirque du Soleil show! NO!
I was stumped. I surrendered…
Down to the beach we went.
I started to notice a gathering of people in the sand, no one I recognized.
Yep, that’s where we were going.
How cool was that??!!!!
We had talked about the show & much we loved it on our FIRST date!! Now we were doing it!!!
He’d done the LA version before with his boys & it sounded like the coolest thing ever! 
We were gonna kick some boot-ay!!

We spent the next 4 hours racing 11 other teams all over the Santa Monica & Venice areas.
Solving puzzles, digging for clues in the sand, playing skee ball for tickets to get next clue, getting a henna tattoo which led to our next locale, figuring out public transit (???), running thru crowds like maniacs – IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! 

 Our race ended back on the pier with free beers! We came in 4th!!
It was so exhilarating!!
I’m ready to meet Phil on the mat for the real version of “Amazing Race” (although I’d train better if real $ was involved!)

This is us post-race 🙂 
Worn out but giddy…no rest for the weary…we headed back to the car to pick up our evening threads & on to the next leg of our adventure…

Next clue…charades…3 words…
1st word…hot
2nd word…um…
YEP!!!!! YEE HAW!!!!

 Just down the block, ever so conveniently, was the LA treasure, Burke Williams – ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Exactly what my body needed after the race!!
My babe is gooooood!!

 We got there early to soak in the amenities & relax! Hot tubbing, steam rooming, cool misting….allllllll heavenly!!

This was my 1st hot stone massage & my lady spoiled me with a lil extra bday rubdown. oh so good!

 From there we got all fancied up, feeling like a new woman, I was ready for whatever!

And down just a coupla blocks from there, we hit The Penthouse at the Huntley for a most delicious dinner with a breathtaking view of the city!!

After dinner, he handed me a card that was so perfectly raunchy hilarious, I was laughing til I read what he wrote & I welled up with tears ~ the sweetest words he could say. (And he says I’m the writer…ha!)
I got so caught up in the card, I completely missed the box that appeared on the table!!
Really???? A gift after a day like today???
I opened it to find a beautiful diamond pendant necklace in an elegant abstract heart shape – amazing!! Of course more tears…c’mon keep it together Carlie!

To my baby, I owe you many many thank you’s for a birthday I will NEVER EVER forget!! You made me feel like the most special woman in the world!! XXOOX

The Penthouse at The Huntley
And since it fell on a weekend, we might as well keep the festivities rolling!! 🙂
Sunday, I was joined by more loved ones & had a luxurious brunch under the trees at Cliff’s Edge.
Champagne + Sunday’s are my new 38 year old speed!!

Thank you everyone for a WONDERFUL weekend – I love y’all!!!