Hittin a groove…

The Bonaventure Hotel,
Downtown L.A.
The Bona Vista Lounge @
The Bonaventure Hotel

 Sooooooo, it’s looking a lil like it’s date montage time again =)

Two, almost 3 months in & we still wanted to see each other as much as we could, it was a bit ridiculous, but I was enjoying every moment we got to spend together.
We even had figured out how to be out on the town every now & then with our busy schedules – the Autumn in L.A. was alot of fun, falling in love.

Our city view 

 Since he worked downtown & I would find myself down there on location quite often too, we’d squeeze in a cocktail every now & then 🙂

We also hit a stretch of 3 weeks where he had his kids full time, which having not gotten to the stage of meeting them, meant showing some restraint & not getting to see him as often…

Not being able to live on texts & calls alone, one night we both found ourselves downtown finishing up work & he suggested squeezing in a drink at the famed Bonaventure Hotel.
OF COURSE! I missed my babe!

He treated me to a quiet romantic time high above the city skyline in the rotating rooftop Bona Vista Lounge.

There was much debate as to if we were really moving or just the exterior windows were…I think I lost that one 😉

Library Bar, Downtown L.A.

 It was the perfect fix I needed to finish out my week…

Another night, we hit the Library Bar, so at least we felt intellectual as we sipped our drinks & soaked up our time together. A great date spot to cozy in & chat.

His kids ended up with sleepovers one weekend, which meant bonus time with my babe – YAY!
This time we stayed in & it was peeerrrrrfect!
He wined & dined me at his place by candlelight, outdoors in the crisp evening air, the fire pit crackled as we looked out over the quiet city below.
Our own world, surrounded by nature & in each other’s arms ~ this was worth the wait 😉

On came the music, pop went the champagne bottle & into the hot tub we climbed, the warmth enveloping us as we kissed in each other’s arms. 

Early the next morning I was off to San Diego for an indie designer sale with my clothing company & wouldn’t you know he got up, made me coffee & breakfast for the road ~ the best honey ever!!
When I opened up the goodie bag he put together, there was a delicious cup of fruits – he CHOPPED fruits!! He’s too good to me!

His check-in texts & cheers for me throughout the day kept me smiling & gave me energy to keep on selling. 
A great weekend for sure!!

Another lil surprise
A simple & beautiful bouquet of one of my favorite flowers, the gerbera daisy, from my babe… just because

Date #2

He called!!
He texted!! A 2nd date was on! He wants to see me again!!!! Yay 😉

I love the electric anticipation that occurs between a really good date & the potential of seeing each other again, the witty texts, the short sweet calls, the wondering what the other is up to – every moment just feels alive with possibility.

Since our 1st date was on Thursday night, he spaced it out nicely to having our next date on Sunday evening – perfect! Friday would’ve been too soon, Saturday night to crowded everywhere & kind of alot of pressure, Sunday fell just right, especially since it was a holiday weekend.

**The holiday being 4th of July – what? you say, its October already…I know, I know, sorry I’ve been busy having fun 😉 **

Meeting him at the Redbury Hotel for dinner at Cleo, a Mediterranean tapas style restaurant, the reservations this time were for 6:30, a smidge later that 1st date, but still early, he’s so cute.         

 First off, a gooooorgeous restaurant, industrial meets old world styling, classic with a mix of modern pops. 

We started working our way down the cocktail list on the giant chalkboard, each one getting tastier, sips being shared across the table.
A glimpse
A smile

The food was de-licious!! Had to love our waitress who explained out their complicated menu & still we over ordered!
The warm bread that came out in lil brown bags was beyond crazy good, along with all that followed, the hummus, the asparagus, brussels sprout (no, seriously good!), & the spanakopita, oh & whatever else…we ate so much our bellies ached, in a very happy belly way 😉

 Little did I know he arrived early & did some re-con on the hotel bar upstairs, he’s full of surprises this one…

So instead of dessert, we went upstairs to the Library Bar for a night cap, very old Hollywood style. I was eatin this up!
We get up there & its virtually empty ~ it was a sanctuary from the bustling city below. I could not (still cannot) get over how fantastic this bar is & how heavenly it was that it wasn’t packed (so un-L.A.like).

We got our drinks & moozied out to the romantically lit patio, couches,lounges, fire pits, it was all creating a magical ambiance.
Shortly after we sat, they called last call (what????)
We got lost in conversation & next thing we knew they had closed up shop & let us be, just hanging on the patio, our own private world.
I tell you it was like a scene out of a movie ~ the lighting was gorgeous, my date was handsome, I like to believe I heard music wafting up from below in the background…it couldn’t have been better

Oh wait
Then he leaned in & kissed me