Its the lil things

In the darkness of the early morning, I realized what love is.

It was a damp & chilly morning, fresh from a rainy night, mist still filled the air. Beautiful on all counts, except for having to be at work at an ungodly hour.
Usually I try & not subject my babe to the early alarms & my morning routine (why should both of us go sleepless?), but we hadn’t seen each other in about a week, so I had stayed over to cozy in.

As I left his place, he asked if I wanted him to come open the gate & I said “no, of course not, don’t be silly, stay in, & stay warm”, kissed him goodbye & wished him a good day.
Out into the elements I went…

I saw another tenant leaving so I figured I’d piggy back on her open gate & squeak through. As I neared the gate I saw a guy holding an umbrella, he  came out & opened the gate anyways, slippers & all, freezing his tooshie off.
My heart melted a lil :)))
He forewent his comfort to make sure I got out okay & without having to get wet.
Who does that???

That’s when I started thinking about relationships & the natural evolution they take. 
At first, its all sparkly, shiny & new. Everything is exciting.
There’s grand gestures in the woo-ing process. (All fantastic & great, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy’em as much as the next gal) 
But then, as you get to know each other, you aim for happiness through the lil things that you know will mean something to them, the tiny selfless acts done just to see their smile.

My babe is wonderful at taking care of me & I wanted to give a lil shout out to all the things he does that warm my heart 😉

~ opens driveway gates in his pjs on a dark & rainy early morning ~
~ warms up my side of the bed before I crawl in ~
~ has my favorite coffee creamer in his fridge ~
~ makes me coffee! ~
~ puts extra chapstick on, then kisses me goodnight so my lips stay soft too ~
~ good morning texts ~
~ flowers for no reason ~
~ let’s me warm my frozen feet on his legs (you’re a crazy man!!) ~
~ smiles when our eyes catch ~
~ shares friendly competitions with me 😉 ~
~ teaches me i-things w/patience & no judgement ~
~ looks up good traffic routes for me ~
~ wishes me good night & sweet dreams each evening ~
~ lotions up my back ~
~ will snuggle on the couch & watch Smash with me ~
~ massages my feet after a long day ~
Just a taste of what makes me smile each day & why I love my man!! 
I only hope I give as much to him.
I’m so enjoying this journey of learning, growing, making mistakes, connecting, sharing, and most importantly – loving!

The music swells…

 Okay, now would be the time in a romantic comedy movie for the “falling for each other” montage…and as a sucker for such films, I can’t help but indulge in a lil stroll thru our happy dates…

(**for added viewing/reading pleasure, scroll down & hit play, for a fave from Ole Blue Eyes**)

Imagine my giddy surprise when I opened up my laptop to find a sticky note in, not on, my screen – how techie cool is he?!? 
Not to mention, sweet, awwwwww
I smiled all day  

A weekday evening at the art museum, live bands playing, wine bar open, sitting on a bench chatting the night away, almost forgetting to go see the exhibit we came for…

Once inside, strolling the gallery, together at times, each getting lost in the various pieces & what they were saying, wandering among the sculptures, our hands easily find one another and glide together 

Wonderful evenings out trying new restaurants, tantalizing our taste buds with food and lively conversations.

Delicious french fare, one particularly fabulous night out, with a pot au chocolat unlike no other… mmmmmmmmmmmmm, chocolat covered lips

Gorgeous lilies arrived in his hands at the door one summer day, my place smelled divine for the next week
I’ve let my guard down when it comes to the flowers situation 😉
He doesn’t overkill it, but when he picks ’em, he does well & times it well too

Cheers to romantic candlelit evenings spent with the one who makes you smile

One of my all-time favorite Frank Sinatra songs, he croons like no other…

Love blossoms

A Summer surprise

Guess who surprised me with these beautiful flowers as I opened the door? 😉

Ladies, what are your thoughts on receiving flowers?

I used to be a subscriber of flowers falling in the “trying too hard” category…but maaaaaybe that was because of the giver?

I’ve NEVER appreciated flowers on a first date, definitely too much! 
Are you making a move? Trying to win some points? OR are you really just being kind & generous & I’m too skeptical? 
Unless you really know the gal, 1st date flowers are a NO in my book!

Of course, the hopeless romantic in me, swoons & says awwww when I see it in the movies, so how come in real life I question the motive?

I’ve gotten in to the habit over these past few years of buying flowers for my home each week, to add a lil color & make me smile as I enter a room. 
I started doing it to show myself that I can treat “me” well & that I didn’t HAVE to wait around for a man to send me some (which ironically I’d have been suspicious of…listen I know, I make no sense).

I’m glad I did learn how to listen to my lil joys & give in to them, but I will say, receiving flowers from a guy you’re totally crushing on ~ no better feeling in the world!

Surrendering to my silliness & off to go smell my pretty flowers

Cheers ~