As 2011 is winding down in its final hours, I wanted to take time & wish you all well!! 
Thank you so much for following along on my journey, I have appreciated all your words of advice, encouragement, and cheer! 
I hope this new year brings much happiness & love into your lives!

Thinking back on this past year, I experienced some of my lowest lows early on & some of my highest highs in the second half. I learned life is worth living each day, even when its not all shiny & happy ~ its from those moments that I’ve gained strength, learned to have faith, and practiced just showing up for life.
And by showing up each day I have arrived at a new life I couldn’t have perceived a year ago. One that makes me happy to wake each day!

Its funny, or maybe its ironic, as I sit here at home on New Year’s Eve, the first year having someone to share it with & I am alone.
And am so utterly and perfectly content!
For as many years as I can remember back, I’ve been getting dolled up and trying to make NYE a “magical” night, to only be let down (& generally hungover).
With my honey away visiting family, & friends getting ready to hit the town, I am curling up for some well deserved “me” time 🙂 
It got me to thinking though ~
what was I chasing all these years that left me let down? Happiness? Love? Is it now that I am feeling those that I am at peace?
…but all I know for sure is that I’m opening a bottle of wine, curling up with a movie & FaceTiming my babe at midnight ~ tonight that equals a perfect NYE!!

Going into this new year, I haven’t really thought about what resolutions to make, (& really why?, as I am horrible at keeping them, although working out really should get back on the list…) 
But I’d like to, I guess call it, setting a state of being for 2012 ~
~ I am embracing the year ahead in a state of openness ~
*of open mind 
*of open heart 
*willing to try new things 
*to keep a fresh perspective 
*to be bold in my choices
*to not live safely
* & to embrace my failures for the learning experiences they are, for at least I will have tried!

I am excited to see what 2012 brings for all those I love in my life! I look forward, my friends and family, to hearing what state of being you’re taking on in the new year 🙂

Cheers to a healthy & happy 2012!!!