It has been brought to my attention (by my honey) that I breezed over a particularly wonderful date in one of my montages…lil did I know how much fun he had this night ~ sorry babe to have brushed over what truly was a fun night out. Thanks for reminding me 😉
In writing this blog, I’ve just been putting all my thoughts out there, as I feel’em. I love hearing your feedback, & what I’ve found especially interesting to learn is what bits he hasn’t realized I was experiencing or feeling – I always feel like I’m an open book…guess not.
 And now it has helped me learn too what his feelings have been towards certain moments 🙂

He’s brought this up & I’m toying with the idea (actually quite digging it) of making this like a “he said/she said” style ~ I love hearing the man’s perspective! We’ll see…

But on with our date ~
We had talked about hitting the Downtown L.A. Artwalk that happens once every month on a Thursday evening.
It worked out perfectly ~ he worked downtown, I had meetings downtown that day & a friend was hosting a pre-artwalk gathering at her loft ~ all signs pointed to finally hitting it.

He joined me at the lil soiree after work for some mingling. In a city so big, it really is small, especially in the industry & turns out he knew a co-worker of mine who was there…I shoulda figured, I mean we all are 6′ separated 😉

From there, we wandered down a few blocks to check out a few galleries.

 The streets are packed on these evenings! Its very cool to see L.A. folk actually outside of their cars & out on the streets. There’s a great energy among so many different types of people all out to appreciate a common theme – ART!

The “thinking Jester” is a HUGE painting on the side of a building – I adore street art (not graffiti) but coming across art in your daily route is like a breathe of fresh air.  

 My tribute to Lily Tomlin ~ lil girl/big chair


We wandered in & out of store fronts, our eyes dancing from paintings to sculptures, we climbed up old buildings to find treasures on the top floors, we even found a groovy hair salon within a gallery/apt (?)

We turned a corner & there it was – The Mandoline Grill truck – I was/am addicted to their Vietnamese nachos & wanted him to fall in love with them too. Crispy salty chips topped with spicy creamy Sriracha sauce, fresh mint & cilantro, spicy grilled tofu (or meat if you prefer) – all mouth-watering goodness!! If you see their truck, STOP & GET THESE!

 We started to make our way back to our cars but found ourselves lured into this old classic bar that has been revived & is quite gorgeous ~ The Broadway Bar.
Everything from the lighting to the furniture was amazing!
The music a bit loud & the place being packed, we grabbed our cocktails & hit the patio.

Tucked into our own private corner, we enjoyed our night cap & each other.

Always the gentleman, he walked me to my car. 
Not quite ready to say goodnight, we both climbed into my car ~ we kissed, we chatted, he held me close. Things started to get a lil hot inside the car, as my seat reclined back & he leaned over, bright lights shone into my car & a tap on my window. Oh dear god, busted by the cops like 2 teenagers up at “make out point”
Well, I guess that’s the end of that, huh?
At least we ended the evening ticket-free & w/o a record of public indecency 😉

Okay, he’s right, how could I have brushed over a date like this???
Cheers xo