V-day – schmoopy, sappy, silly?

Oh my gosh, it feels like I have fallen off the face of the earth for the beginning here of 2012, definitely all with good reasons 🙂
Finally coming up for air & I’m feeling inspired!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated our story & there’s much to tell, but bear with me as I skip ahead in celebration of St. Valentine 😉
(I promise to rewind & fill ya in)

The day honoring LOVE is upon us & for the 1st time I’m excited to acknowledge it.
As far back as I can remember, my best friend & I donned all black to show our disdain for the “commercial” holiday ~ sure, yeah that’s what we were protesting 😉 Guaranteed if our prince had shown up on & or around Feb 14th, we’d be more than happy to jump on the red heart bandwagon.

Even as she moved on, got married & started a family, I’ve continued on with the all-black wardrobe tradition. 
Well, okay with the exception of the occasional attempt to outsmart the universe with wearing heart decorated tops, jewelry, etc in hopes to convince the powers-that-be that I was ready, willing, & open for love ~ yeah the universe saw right through that ploy…back to all black I went.

Even with all the work I’ve done on myself, my love issues & trying to believe it exists, I still find myself being afraid to get my hopes too high.
I realized this just this evening as I walked in to find a beautiful bouquet sitting in my hotel room

My surprise 😉

I thought my babydoll may be up to something when he asked my room number, but I would not let myself get any wild ideas of what he may be up to – crazy, right?
But I didn’t want to be let down & I also didn’t want to pressure him for anything either, since I don’t need it, but the un-required, unrequested  gesture melted my heart & helped me realize I still need to keep working on opening up & believing in his goodness & his love for me!

I am feeling like a very lucky girl & I want to make sure I keep remembering this fact.
I have been beyond spoiled lately by my babe & its throwing me off on how to react. Accepting goodness is hard. I want to give it but receiving it is awkward.

Knowing how hard I’ve been working lately & the stress I’ve been under, my babe took it upon himself to take a lil care of me.
After winding down last week with a 16 hour workday on Friday, I arrived home to a warmth in my kitchen & the delicious scent of chocolate in the air…molten chocolate lava cake baking…

…candles illuminating the whole apartment…

…leading me to the hot bubble bath awaiting me…
Billie Holiday playing in the background, a glass of red & chatting with my love = the BEST way to wind down the day!!! xxox

Here’s to celebrating LOVE!! 
(P.S. I’m wearing leopard today ~ no black!)

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