Thoughts of a year ago

Its crazy to think that Thanksgiving is tomorrow! 
How did this happen? Where has the year gone?

I’ll admit to loving the chill in the air, but that’s about the only thing telling me its November. This year has been an amazing year, full of many changes, challenges, joys & laughter, but boy has it flown by!

I caught myself thinking back to last year the day before Thanksgiving & struggling to get excited for a 1st date that evening.
I had met this gentleman at a wine event a few weeks earlier & he had been quite persistent in his chase.
He seemed nice when we chatted over a glass at the event & I was trying to be more open on my search for love, so why not? Let’s meet for a drink…

The morning of the date I was NOT wanting to go! Had a chat with my dating coach, Marni & she reasoned some sense into me ~ I had nothing to lose, go out & have some fun!
Now she wasn’t too happy to learn I ended up trekking to his side of town for the date. Originally we were supposed to meet in Hollywood, middle ground, but he was tiiiired, oh good god I’ll drive to your side…
 Marni is a big believer in having the man make the effort & come to your world, not necessarily your home but your side of town.
That used to make me very nervous, like they’d expect to be “asked over” afterwards, & I hate awkward moments. At least in the middle, you just part & go your separate ways…

Sorry to ramble on, needless to say I found myself on the westside at the Westside Tavern meeting a man I couldn’t even remember by appearance (thank god he recognized me) (and who knows how dark it was the first night, he could’ve been older than my dad!!)
The place was packed. He asked if I wanted to get a table, nope 1 drink & I’m out! So we ended up at the bar & his hands quickly went everywhere – totally regretting the lack of table choice!

We have some wine,& chat for bit. I keep pushing him off, persistent I’ll give him that, but not the most perceptive.
Afterwards he walks me to my car & being the “nice” girl, I offer to drive him to his car – BIG MISTAKE!
Once to his car, his seatbelt come off & over the seat he dives.
It was one of those moments where I was caught so off guard I kissed him back instead of slap him like I should’ve.
When he then tried to instruct me on how to kiss, he had to go!
I FINALLY got him out of my car – thank goodness!

Driving home that night, blasting Florence + the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over” repeatedly, I found a strength in myself I didn’t know I had.
Instead of getting depressed over another bad date, I saw that I didn’t have to settle for what ever attention is being given me if I don’t like it.
I also learned when my gut keeps trying to tell me something (like don’t go) I need to listen!

Cut to a year later, a lot has changed ~ there have been many more dates, more lessons learned and I am ever so THANKFUL for the journey that has brought me to the wonderful man I’m seeing now.

The good stuff is worth the wait 🙂


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