I like you, I adore you, I…

Let’s just start this one off with the disclaimer that I’m still learning how to do thing we call a relationship.
Its so easy to be single, sometimes too easy, to be doing your own thing, when you want to, however you want to.

For close to 20 years now, I’ve been on my own. And for the most part I’ve enjoyed it. Sure there’s been those times, like when trying to lug an Ikea bookcase up 2 flights of stairs, that having someone around to help would’ve been nice, but I grew from my time alone, learned more about who I was, what I wanted outta life, & where my strengths lie, I think…I hope (Ikea furniture building being one)…

But recently I’ve been thinking about how nice it is to have someone to share life with, to turn to for advice, to cheer you on, to laugh with, dance in the living room with ~ all the things you look just plain crazy doing on your own.
Admittedly though, I do still talk to myself out loud in public, sometimes without even realizing until mid-conversation 😉  

What is my point?

Well, I learned how special my man is when I had a big weekend show with my clothing line, Ch*Armz
 Our booth @ Barker Hangar ~ Ch*Armz 

I’m pretty good when it comes to dealing with stress, I thrive under pressure & deadlines, its slightly masochistic if you ask me, but it’s how I roll…
I had never realized how much of a difference having someone in your corner makes ~ one who’s holding you up with encouraging words when doubts creep in, who checks in on how your day is going, someone who truly cares.

His just asking about my day made me want to do more, to be more. He helped re-invigorate the energy I knew I had but had gotten bogged down in with too much inner-conversation. 

At the end of a long first day of the show, my honey treated me out to sushi at Katsu-ya ~ now we’re talkin 😉
Nothing can take away the day’s stresses like some sake & spicy tuna on crispy rice, yeah you heard me

Lil bites of heaven
 And just when I thought I had already gone to heaven, he took my back to his place & we popped open some champagne, got in to the jacuzzi and had bubbly in the bubbles, under the stars……
The music played in the background
He pulled me close, cupping my face in his hands & whispered “Carlie, je t’aime”
The rush through my body was electric tingly, was it the bubbly? the heat of the bubbles? It was him, my love.
I was able to truly say I love you back for the first time without hesitation, without tears, without feeling obligated. I had fallen for this wonderful man in front of me.

From there we got sickeningly silly romantic & serenaded each other to the song that was playing…

The next day I don’t think me feet touched the ground.
The show went well.
And when it was time to break down our booth, he was there, ready to help.
I surrendered & completely appreciated his help.
Sometimes you don’t have to do it all on your own 🙂

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