Modern dating 😉

The day had finally arrived to meet in person. 
We had been chatting for a couple of weeks via okcupid & now the time had come to actually have some voice-on-voice, face-on-face contact – oh dear god!

We had figured out Thursday, but the “where” part not so much…
He offers to come my side of town (a very chivalrous move in a large traffic-filled city!)
A move I would’ve said “no” to prior to Marni, I always liked a middle ground meeting spot, with an easy exit strategy, but I was gonna play by her rules, god help me, so I said sure come to my area.

Now not being familiar with my area, he suggests I pick a spot. 
Oh my god – the pressure! Where I picks reflects so much about me – am I hip? In the know of the coolest spot? I don’t wanna go too expensive, but NOTHING corporate chain-like…I wonder what he likes? I freeze!
I message out to all my girls – any good spot recommendations for a 1st date? Low-key, casual, cool?
I’m getting no responses back.
I’m totally leaving him hanging, but I’m working on it…really
I email him late the night before with no options, I failed
His response, somewhat jokingly “Nothing like leaving a guy to sweat it out over here” (oops)…we go with his assistant’s suggestion “The Griffin”, a groovy local bar I had been wanting to check out (& completely spaced on)- YAY assistant! Give him a raise!

**A lil side note, he apparently got razzed by all his friend’s for putting the ball in my court, which is probably why he swooped in & saved the date. I guess they were saying it put me in an awkward position, BUT I did see his reasoning, it totally made sense to have the local girl pick the spot. It was all my own self-imposed angst causing my trouble 😉

We’ve got the day, the place, all we needed was the time – 6pm he suggests. 6pm really? Huh, kinda early, but I guess if its a dud, we cut our losses & salvage our own respective evenings. Done – the date is on!

I got all dolled up (a skirt, some heels ~ finally a tall one I could wear heels with), mad-dashed it to get a mani, got the manicurists  all involved & excited for me, I mean their work could be helping me find love!
I was actually REALLY looking forward to this date!
**sorry, another lil side note, ladies ~ dress like a lady, something that makes you feel pretty, no jeans! Have fun embracing your femininity! I’m just sayin…

I’m cutting it close to the 6 at this point, pulling out some mad driving techniques, I can’t be late.
His 1st glimpse of me ~ reversing crazily down a residential street, a quick smile & a wave, yep he saw that it was me…

Surprise ~ we have the whole bar pretty much to ourselves – 6pm who knew? I love it.
We grab a drink & cozy into a corner. The conversation just flowed, we laughed, we drank, ate some, talked more…next thing you know its almost midnight!
I haven’t had a date this great in who knows how long!
I think I like this guy 😉

Walks me to my car & is ever the gentleman, he gives me a hug goodnight, that’s all, a long warm hug.
Oh man I want to see him again!
I hope he feels the same…

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