The Journey begins…

Ok, growing up as a lil girl all the stories I was told included this fair maiden being rescued by her one true love, her knight in shining armor, her Prince Charming…

Do you think this did a lil damage? Skewed my perception of “love” in some sort? Of course!
I fell hook, line & sinker for this fairy tale, and spent my life on the search for my “one true love”
“Snow White & the Seven Dwarves”
“Cinderella” meeting her Prince Charming
The kiss from her true love
to wake “Sleeping Beauty”
Saved by her Prince – “Enchanted”

Cut to 34 years old, sitting in a dark theater with my mom, catching myself smiling ridiculously while watching “Enchanted”  – ahhhh love, full of songs & birds chirping…yes, I was still on my search…

I still believed…kinda…

Now don’t get me wrong, I’d had my fun, my flings, my hopeless crushes, my unrequited loves, but had not yet been swept off my feet by a man on a horse.
And I was holding tight to this belief that that was how it worked – thank you Mr. Disney.

I tried my hand at online dating, personals in the paper (before the dawn of, blind dates, & my favorite, speed dating.
Sometimes fun, sometimes painful, sometimes a really great story to tell the girls over cocktails.
I even flew to another country to find my prince, only to learn he lived at home with mom!! (a detail I would have preferred to know before boarding)

All of this endless searching lead me to a phone call about getting over a break-up, (which I was not really trying to do, I was trying to get over a CRUSH) & I heard the guest host speaking about how men can sense your energy, no matter how dolled up you got, they could sense my desperation – OH NO! (& so true!)

Cue my new dating GURU – Marni Battista. I knew I had to work with her after she called me out on all my goo after taking the D-Factor (Date-ability) test.

Now having worked with Marni for over a year, I have come to be the happiest I’ve been in my life AND wouldn’t you know that’s precisely when HE road in… 

Our story begins…

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