A lil about me…

Hi, this is me. I’m Carlie. I thought I’d bring you along on my journey to love…

I guess I’ll start with a bit of background history on me ~
I’m a Colorado girl, born & raised, who came out to California chasing a dream…no, not that dream to be a star, there’s enough of those. I came out here to pursue my dream of becoming a fashion designer.

I studied in Long Beach & got my degree but was not quite in love with the fashion industry, so long story short I decided to combine my love of clothes with creating characters & started my career in costumes for films & tv.

Okay, that’s enough about what I do & that’ll come into play later, but what about my history in love? 
Well, this can either be a long story or short, depending how you look at it…

I’m a hopeless romantic. I love “love”, its just been a bit elusive in my life, up until now 🙂
At 37 years old, I am for the 1st real time falling in love :))))

I decided I wanted to share this time in my life with y’all to give inspiration to those looking for love & to get advice from those who’ve been through this before ~ I may need a lil guidance from time to time…

Stay tuned…

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